Friday, March 24, 2017

It has been a really loooooooonggg time since i hav scribbled anythin in dis blog....i hav many things in my mind to write....but havin trouble deciding to start frm where.....i think i hav quite a lot things to complete write abt Kiran,Nibin,...n others in the hate list , tag abt my patner.....n much more!!!!!

But reading others latest blog, i too fell to comment abt my 4yrs in MCET.....It has been a real whoopee,procuring n memorable ......

The Story of s1s2...

I still remember the first day in this coll.....started off in bus...with only one or two familiar faces.....(Of course Manee excepted frm being just familiar : ) )....frm bus to class....there were quite a few ppl there....all busy writing something....xcept one girl who were makin a lot of noise...(comment frm manee.."This is our class rep-Dhanya......%^#$&^" )....soon all others began to arrive.....lot of noises...i began to observe everyone....some were damn busy writing...some busy talking.....some roaming around....Manee too were busy with chachi archana n anitha...our then bench mates.....soon i was able to find one thing....i was the shortest in d class....

Dnt remember which was the first period coz i was busy observing....but can never in my life forget the next period....MECHANICS.....although Manee had told me abt his teachin,never xpected dis much....he was a pavam sir,but his style of speaking english n mannerisms would break us into laugh......i remember his comment once when Nitin went to giv him sweets on his bday.."Birthdays comes only once in a year"....We used to get disastrous marks in series,nevertheless,our class had more than 80 percent avg for his sub in uni xams!!!

Had only few friends then to start with,Archana,Anitha,Prashanth..,but there was one guy sitting at our back bench,constantly making making n chalus with his unique weird sound....some times he sings too,n tht too without any notice.....ooh god attrocious!!!....whos tht..PATTU the gr88...he was particularly intrested in giving me pet names,with a rare innate of ending with "vaasu".....

Time went on as i made company with the two class reps of our class Sree n mandi Dhanya....Some incidences with them were not so sweet to remember at all.....Not coz of anybody in personnal but coz of some circumstances....there were even days when i stopped even talkin to Dhanya for 1 matter....mandi might be remembering it now shdnt hav been the way i behaved, but i never had any bad intensions.....anyway both r my really good friends....mandi was really studious those time(eppayum no change)....had a gr88 affinity to library (still she has it), n was a girl who readily broke into trears for no matter(but she is really changed now).....

Sree was quite imaginative,but he had a nice accent n style in his speech....But where was this sulu n party those dyas......sulu became famous coz she was the topper in class,chakku ,rollu all sat with her,but they were know with the label the hostliers among us(qjada parties) : )....n abt Anu....who is tht...i never saw her or heard her....

Contrary to wht i see now,i m surprised,rather abashed to memorize tht once panacku,sree n ikka were the most obedient,attentive n SOUNDLESS pple in class!!!......They were sitting behind me...but rarely did we talk....coz they dnt talk.....still other companies were pple who joined with me in higher options...jackie,archana,rahul(whom i knew earlier,he was my classmate in St Thomas school),with an exeption to arun divakar,who seemed not on earth those days.....

One person whom i was really impressed was Nitin Nair,colossal personality to see...but my thought was shattered into pieces the day i spoke to him.....his accent in malayalam n the way he enacted when teachers ask ques.....he was my batch mate for electronics lab for s3 n s4 n was real fun.....evenif i make fun of him, i must admit he has excellent personality n good english.....

Adding on to the queue of friendship was Anand,Bonny n Nibin ...Ooh ya Nibin n I was the hero heroin of Room No 111 not remembering now wht was it all abt,how it started.......

Those days i had more company frm EC dept...Sreeram,Shyam,Shameem,Bush,Altaf,Deepak...the list goes on....but not many except one or two 2day...the reason still pains me ,nt coz i lost their company,but it was totally ridiculous n spurious.....

Hmn...forgot to mention the s1s2 tour to was quite fun...i even hav two kutti luttappi frinds(those short jokers) frm veegaland...had gr88 fun in the workshop.....n guys do u knw i was reallyreluctant to go to canteen those days of s1s2


In the midst of a stupid meeting. Getting disconnected and connected. Pretty boring. I was looking through Google Analytics to check some details. Suddenly, saw that I had connected our blog. Just went through some old posts. Pretty hilarious to look back and read through the initial days after our college.

Friday, September 20, 2013


നല്ല പണിയുടെ ഇടയിൽ ചുമ്മാ ഒരു ബ്ലോഗ്‌ വായിക്കുക ആയിരുന്നു. ആഫ്റ്റെർ എ വെരി ലോങ്ങ്‌ ടൈം. നമ്മുടെ പഴയ ചില പൊസ്റ്റ്സ് വായിച്ചു. ബ്ലോഗിന്റെ ലുക്ക്‌ അത്ര പിടിച്ചില്ല. കുറച്ചൊന്നു മോഡേണ്‍ ആക്കി. ആരെങ്കിലും കാണുമോ എന്നറിയില്ല.

എല്ലാവരെയും മിസ്സ്‌ ചെയ്യുന്നു....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random(maybe bullshit) thoughts!!

Yet another awesome weekend at #205 passes by. We had lots of discussions( as usual mostly about girls) over couple of pegs..I missed 3 persons from our class especially. Those where Pattu, Pana and Arun, as these were the 3 guys i think who contribute to most of the variety topics while we are drunk. Guys i know pattu dont booze( at least with us), but still he gives a diverse perspective to any topic(though highly imaginatory..!!).

Nowadays the spirit makes me high with swing of moods. One moment i am eccentric and in another i am depressed and again to intellectual. This experience of mood swing is making me addicted to spirits. I even forget about everything next day morning,so am not feeling bad about how much dumb i were and its a good thing i feel.The more dumber part of me is jotting down all these things, but i am sure i will not regret for this tomorrow.

I know we all are busy. Busy with jobs, thinking abt salaries, hikes, promotions, loans, families and n other things.We forms groups within groups and do gossiping about others about whom we think are outside our circle. Frankly I was been part of many such things. But.. But i still feel we can make a change about usual perspectives about relationships get diluting over ages. I understand somebody is married, someone got kids,someone got BF or GF ,and they wont understand our feelings.. but we know each other before all these dramas or reasons ( at least for now i would love to call it like that)..Cant we spend some time thinking nothing about anything else, with everyone of us..may be by calling or mailing or seeing others,and if we can continue this, wouldn't it be wonderful?? After all we all are imperfect, aren't we??.What do u guys say??

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happiest Moment

hai friends,

feb 27th, the most happiest day of my life.. my little prince was born...

all through 9 months we have been craving to knw whther itz a 'boy' or 'girl'. We came to know abt my pregnancy only after 2 months of pregnancy, bcoz i was so packed up with family matters and official things. I felt very sick and in the check up i heard tht happy news tht i am carrying.. but in the 3rd month i was shocked as bleeding started 4 me. don't know how we waited outside tht scan room for the doctor to tell whether our baby's heart is still beating inside me...all i saw through my tears is a photo of " goddess saraswathi " hanging outside the room. The scan timing was over but doctor despite her busy schedule (abt 20 people waiting to c her) ran to the scan room to check me. I was told by ettan that i was pale with no blood circulation on my face. I was taken to the scan room and after scan she told me the baby is active and its movements. Tears ran down my cheeks and she called my hubby and showed us the scan movements. I was asked to take bed rest for two months. I came home to tvm and in the fifth month, while I was having a cup of hot tea, I felt a kick inside me and a burping sound. The first time I felt the movement of my baby inside me. After that my craving for curd and other cold foods started. Don’t know how many ice creams and cutlets I had and that too in the middle of night. I was able to sleep till after that I cud n’t sleep as my baby was very active during night time. Again sleep wud come for me at 5.00am. Don’t know how many days I sat watching tv till early morning. At midnight hunger wud haunt me and amma will make something for me to eat. Pavam amma . In the 6th month I came bak to ekm and joined back in coll. I felt the weight gain inside me as my baby grew. I could feel the movement when I had some hot foods and when music was played. Once we had a party at Le Meridian and it was abt 10 pm. The disco music made my kid move like anything and literally I had to hide my belly with my hands to stop others from noticing the kicks here and there which cud be seen out. Some time the movements were such rapid that it caused a severe pain in the lower stomach. All the tablets like folic acid and all the TT injections were taken and in the 8 month I was brought to tvm after the so called “jadangu”. Jan end a pain started for me and I was taken to the hospital and to the labor room. That was the first time I saw the room with others like me. But tht pain was a false pain, i.e it is like a labor pain but not exact one. I was admitted for 2 days and then discharged. After that the routine check up was there. On 26th feb I went for check up usually and I was told it will happen on 7th march and asked to get admitted on 6th. I came bak home and tht day ettan came home like a surprise. He did not even inform tht he is coming, which made me really happy. By 7.00pm a call came from my amma’s house that my grandfather is admitted to hospital and is in the ICU. Achan, aniyathi and amomma went immediately to amma’s place after ettan reached home. Amma said she wanted to c desperately her father but even after we forced her to go she said something is stopping her from going. So she did not go. At 11pm I went to sleep after achan reached the hospital. At 2.45 am on 27th Feb, I got up as there was a back pain for me and I informed my hubby. He called amma and she brought hot water for me, after drinking it I felt ok. But after 15 min again pain started. The GAS problem is usual at this time and moreover doctor assured date is only by 7th march. So I was relaxed but the pain kept on increasing and finally at 3.15 am we decided to go to hospital. Then the problem came how we will go as achan had taken car the previous night to go to amma’s place. The taxi which we had previously booked for any emergency was not available when we tried reaching him over phone. So ettan told he will check in the taxi stand nearby pettah. But amma was tensed as he is not aware of the places and other places were taxi is available. Finally he went assuring amma that he will find some way. At 3.45am he came with an auto and we three wnt to Credence hospital. We reached there at 4.00am and I was moved to the labor room. So silent no body was there in the room only the duty doctor and one patient who was there frm her 4th month as she had twins and had risks.
I was admitted and the doctor checked me and told me that it was labor pain. I was stunned to hear that. Only tis much pain is there for labor tht was my question. But I came to know abt it in another 5 min. they gav me injection and trip was given and pain increased for me. I wanted badly to lie on my stomach but I was asked to stay clam and to inform them when the pain was too much. The pain wud be ther for 5 min then it will subside and then again. Finally I was told my baby is ready waiting and I shud decide on whther to get it or not. I was asked to push really hard and my fluid broke and they asked me to walk to the original labor cot which was only the length of half our usual bed. I lie down on it and all I could hear was “PUSH PUSH PUSH”. I could feel the blood and nerves inside me trying hard to push the baby out. I cried so loud that my hubby, waiting outside the labor room got scared. Finally one more PUSH, and tht was indeed a PUSH, my baby was out at 6.42am and without knowing it I begged my doctor tht we will go for a c-section as I cud any longer push and suffer the pain. She told me “Divya concentrate and relax, hear ur baby crying”. Ya then I heard my baby’s cry and “ the most happiest moment” when I was informed by my doctor ”Itz a boy” . I thanked god and whn I closed my eyes, I felt weightless and as if falling like a feather. He was brought near me and I gav a kiss on his soft and red forehead. I was moved to the bed and the baby was taken for showing to amma and ettan. I saw my amma with her face smiling and her eyes with tears and her hands with a “thumbs up” sign at me. I remember that was the first time I saw my amma happy than any other time. My hubby’s eyes too were filled with tears. My baby with his eyes wide open was exicitingly looking at his achan and amomma. The gr8 thing is tht he did not cry after that but was smiling and making a sound like “tup” “tup”. My hubby was not allowed to c me at tht time and I could hear him asking the staffs to show me. Amma was very sad as achan and others cud not be ter at tht time. But again god gave a surprise, The moment the baby was showed to amma, achan and aniyathi and my other relatives were ter waiting behind her and amma cudn’t c them bcoz of tears. I don’t know how they managed to reach back from adoor (amma’s place) within 1.5 hr.s, as my father was informed by amma only at 5.00am tht I was having labor pain. I was given tea after that and I will say thtz the most tastiest tea I had in my whole life. To get a drink after such a tedious task, my god itz great ! Me and my baby was taken to our room by 8.00am.

The miracle still remains like how my hubby came the previous night and how my achan came from adoor in 1.5 hrs and how my delivery was done and I gave birth to a baby in 2.5 hrs.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chronicles of lazy and bored me..

I am getting so bored and dats y i thought of writing something in our blog. and of course i dont have any clear idea abt what to write here also. ;-).I dont have anything to do and in fact i am very lazy to do anything also. I wish if it was monsoon, but alas i am in midst of worst ever summer. The tv channels are pathetic except for a few like Rosebowl, Lumiere and UTV world movies. I started watching devotional kinda TV serials with amma. A big salute for those directors for picturing those great stories in this worse manner.I like the old amarchitra kathas and those faces rather than watching these stupid actors. I still have a clear image in my memories of Mr.Ravanan with big mustache fighting Jadayu in mid air ,wow what a majestic scene man!!. I feel i remember it only coz of those great drawings and i feel these kind of cartoons only can show justice to our epic stories.

I have a broadband connection with a decent speed, but the PC is pathetic, its AMD duron( wonder how many of u have heard abt that), with 128 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD and with ONLY Floppy disk drive. Now u can think abt my situation which is quite similar to like, forced to wear ur old and dirty underw**r which u used in ur 10th std, and yes it surely irritates u a lot. I am adjusting with that and trying to get best out of the possible options( u should not correlate with UW now..!!). Some times i feel nostalgic abt my PC and uhmm my UW also.. :-)

Now i am on a short lunch break from the cinema parade , thanks for Mr.Pattuski aka Naveen for the USB drive and de movies, and wishing him gud luck for his hopes that i will return the USB drive tomorrow. He never learns from the past mistakes.

Will keep u guys updated with things that is happening arnd me and in tvm city.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Within a week of landing @ Trinfy, i knew that I made a mistake by getting a transfer from Mysore. Initially i thought tht it was because of the campus. Mysore had everything...Trinfy is just a typical office building, with almost zero campus!! But later I realized tht it was not just the campus. It was the team... Somehow, i couldnt feel good about the way in which the team worked!!!

And now, adding salt to my wound, there will be a 7 Day work plan!!! :( Mon-Thursday, it is normal working plan. Then, the team is split into 3, each one coming to work on either friday/sat/sunday. This has effectively spoiled my weekends... Weekend trip with Anand and divakar. It will mostly(read: almost every time) to shangumugham, have some chaaya/kadi followed by a dinner @ some hotel. Still, the weekends were good. But now, this plan might spoil everything!!!

Need to plan something devilish to convince the 'Big Shots' to remove this '7 day' stuff...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Windows 7 rocks...

To be frank, I was happy that Vista was a failure. I mean, I was stuck with XP for almost 6 years and when Vista came, it needed all these hardware upgrades. 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD blah..blah..blah.. And when it failed big time, I was actually smiling :)

But now, after I've upgraded my machine, I've found out that it is XP which actually sucks!! :) I mean, it dosent support 64 bit processors and 4 GB RAM. I mean, why can't a OS switch from 32 bit to 64 bit? The developers should have added an additional attribute in some config properties file and voila... upgrade over after a system restart :).

Anyways, the point is that when windows 7 was launched, I was waiting for it. The initial reviews were all gr8. and when I saw someone selling genuine windows 7 in ebay for a really...really low price, I couldnt resist.

So, I got the Windows 7 DVD on friday evening, and within 24 hrs. my machine was up and running with 7. The OS absolutely rocks... :) It is fast, it looks really nice and the new aero feature is just the icing on top of cake. The best thing which they have done is the way they have designed the new taskbar. It looks really simple and un-cluttered. And for someone who has been seeing XP for nearly 6-7 years both at office as well as at home, this switching is like watching a color movie after watching b/w movies for his entire life :)

I would really recommend this OS for everyone... This is gonna be the successor to PX :)


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today i went thru some of past postings in our blog.. It was containing so many things.. marriages, company outings, get together, some travel experiences, some tag posts..etc etc. then surprisngly i realized i was not part of anything ..more precisely i dont have been part or i dont have any of these experiences .. i was not there in most of marraiges, get togethers.. i didnt have a company outing.. nor have some travel expereince( guys i didn forget abt kumarakom and palava treats).. Then i thought where am i spending my time other than in office.. am i having some good time?? or am i missing something? that thinking made me to post abt #205..

#205 is our house(rented ofcourse) .. indeed a very spl one.. and i know many of u have some thing to remember abt this house. The amazin fact abt #205 is that once ur inside and survive for a week, assume that u can live anywhere in the world. Many men tried to change its very behaviourial nature and tried make it smell better.. but none ever suceeded... infact #205 changed every one in its course of 2 years.. Dipu, nijel( both huaweians), then our master dinkumon.. everyone lost their battle to #205. #205 have now 6 +1 members. u may not be wondering abt that 1.. yes its one, one and half ONE( rajeev alias thottu). ..Here we discuss abt almost everything under the sun ( mostly every girl under the sun)...we often end up fighting over the figures.. and then usually end up in beating either master dinkumon or thottumon( u can say routine and they are our punching bags)..

When we moved into #205 we had an amazing view from our 1st floor balcony window, a 3 storeied, completely packed, ladies PG. Guess what , now we have the same building and a couple more in the block with 'To let' hoardings. Some times it pays for being gr8 moral watchdogs. Some pple say that we are jealous of couples talkin and smoochin infront of our gate. but we dont care.. we always stand for the the noble cause( means if i dont have it then u also shouldn )..

#205 have witnessed so many things.. Here each day is a celebration in its own way. may be a DCH way. We eat,party, sing,dance,drink,fight, throw up, mess up and sleep together. . We wakeup ...again off for new spl day.. There re lot more things i want to say abt #205, but let some things be un told..
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Friday, June 19, 2009

My Kolkata trip !!!

Its been exactly six months since the last post was posted in this blog... Seems everybody is busy these days... still very happy that we all (most of us) are in contact with each other atleast thru mails... I hav been travelling a lot these days across various cities...
the first reply that anybody gives when they hear abt this project "wow! thats awesome". but lemme tell u.. its not that great... but still recession aayathu kondu vere onnum cheyyan vayya.. kittiyathu kondu sandoshamayittu irikkanam... :-)
During the last 3 months, I have been to kolkata, bangalore(twice) and jamshedpur...
Nibine ee adutha kaalathonnum kaanan pattum ennu vicharichathalla.. angane irikkubozhanu kolkata trip vannathu...
that was my first assignment in this new project... was there in kolkata for almost a week... to tell u the truth, the city did not look like a metro at all... looked like a city that was abandoned by the British.. u can hardly find a new building..
I reached there on 19th of march... it took me almost 2 hrs to reach from airport to office... ariyavunna muri hindi vechu taxikkaranu area okke paranju koduthu.... aadya divasam thanne officil kurachu prashnam undayirunnu... guess what? there was a mallu in that office... swantham naattukarane kandal paara pani vidathillallo... 2nd day thottu angeru company aayi...
Got my accomodation in our company guest house.. it was hardly 2 mins walk from the office.. that was one good part of the work there.. food was awesome... fish curry try cheytha divasam mathram cheetti poyi..
And then came the weekend... thanks to nibin for his company... he came to forum near my house in his Alto aka "Mercedes my class" :-) along with his mallu friend Sumesh... nibine, athu thanne alle avante peru?
kurachu neram vaynokki nadannu.. then we started feeling thirsty.... njangal ellarum oru chaya kadayil poyi oro chaya paranju... nibin ordered strong tea :-) pinne avide kure neram paradooshanam paranju irunnu... sumesh left after sometime as he was staying with his family...
nibinum njan koode kure neram kolkata nadannu kandu.... we discussed many things from college days to even a settled life in the future... ithanu chaya kudichalulla prashnam...
after an hour, we again started feeling thirsty... this time nibin said that there is a tea stall in which they play rock music... ennal sheri.. athum onnu try cheyyam ennu vechu..
went in and order another round of tea... the music and the girls(who came along with other boys) were good...
by the time we got out, it was around midnight... we planned to take a tour of kolkata in his merc. we set off to see Howrah bridge... kure dooram IIT Kharagpur routil poyi... then we concluded that we are in the wrong route.. then we planned to see victoria memorial... we came back to the city and then travelled the same roads again and again in search of her memorial... :-) avasanam avan oru kuttikaada choondi kanichittu paranju.. "Aliya.. avideyanu victoria memorial... light illathathu konda ninakku onnum kaanan pattathu ennu..." njanum athu vishavasichu... anyway we saw vidyasagar sethu during our hunt for howrah bridge..
that was one awesome day during my stay at kolkata.. left the city on 25th morning.. nibin dropped me at the airport... aliyaa nibine... ini athu vazhi vannal, howrah bridge kandittu thanne karyam... more travel posts coming soon... miss u all...
With luv,

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Tag..

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before?
Got Married :) [!!!]

2. Did you keep up your 2008 resolutions, and will you make more for 2009?
Waking up DAILY at 5:15 am is/was the resolution tht i've been taking for the past 5 to 6 'new' years in a row!! Wht a coincidence!! :P

3. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Discipline Discipline & Discipline

4. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Yes..One of my cousins-Ashakutty-gave birth to a tiny tot Nandus on June 13th the FRiday!! :D

5. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why:
My first encounter with aniyettan => March 23rd, a Sunday
My first Pennukaanal in & around EKM => April 29th, a Tuesday
My last day @ RASET => 15th May, one Thursday :(
My First(!) Engagement => 22nd June, a Sunday :)
My Wedding Day => 19th October, another SunDAy !
Dec 15th => Aniyettan's Bday..surprised him on the eve with cakes, gifts & all.. :D

6. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Finally got married!! & that too to the man of my dreams!!!

7. What was your biggest failure?
Cannot think of any such failure as such.. Honestly!

8. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Yes! Of course! Not without my yearly doses of Viral Fevers, Coughs & Colds.. And for the injury part, yes got a deep cut in my fore finger while i was packing things off fr my hostel room @ EKM..

9. What was the best thing you bought?
I didnt buy anything on my own..But after coming to Mumbai, we bought this PC from the money we got as a wedding gift..

10. Where did most of your money go?
Whatever money i've in my purse is going hayware @ the sight of foodies, Vegetables, & such Grocery items nowadays!! HouseWife aayennu ippazha oru thonnal okke undaye! :P

11.What song will always remind you of 2008?
"Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hain Tu Muskura.." - Yuvraaj/Alka Yagnik/AR Rahman

12.What do you wish you’d done more of?
I too agree with panackal...enikkum ippol oru maveli-look vannittundu..nannaayittu! Pandu college-il bhavathil mathreyundayirunnullu 'maveli' enna peru..Ippam roopathilum thani maveli thanne! :D

13. What do you wish you’d done less of?
Sleeping.. SNorr Snorrr..

14. How would you sum up your 2008 in one word?
"Fulfilling" :)

15. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
LAt year this time means around JAn?? ummmm.. i dont remember if i hate someone who i didnt hate then{!!}.. No one as such..definitely!!

16. What was the best book you read?
'The Prophet' by Khalil Gibran
There we so many wonderful quotes abt life, marriage, love & so on..

17. What was your favorite TV program?
KoffeeWithKaran, Kylie Kwong's Cookery Show (Travel&Living)

18. What was your greatest musical discovery?
MUsical discovery?? Wht does tht mean??? I didnt discover any music as such!! Pazhe malayalam, tamil & bollywood; pinne carnatic, hindusthani music thanne kettittullu..

19. What was your favorite film of this year?
Jab We Met(Hope this was released last year only!)

20. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you
In a way this was my last bday with achan, amma, kochitta, achu, muthassi & all..ammu was also with me..Cake cutting was there... Above all got a BiGGG Surprise courier frm aniyettan-a big teddy elephant!! We named it 'Banku'!!

21. What kept you sane?
Home, Books, Music, TV, Phone etc etc

22. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Farhan Akhtar - the Master Jack!!

23. Whom did you miss?
Personally, its always my muthassan.. Everyday i'll have something tht brings his memory back & i terribly am missing him.. especially during my wedding days..
Pinne mIssed the life @ MCET (i still do), life @ RASET & Aashiyana Hostel..
Now am missing achu the most!!!! Its really hard.

24. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
Just as always => Everything happens for a reason & a good reason at that!! Whtever happened was the bestest to happen frm the other possible alternatives! :)
Happy NEwYear !!

Tagged !!!

Long time.. kure kaalam aayi enthengilum post cheythittu... njan mathram alla.. ellarum.. onnum post cheyyarillengilum ennum blog thurannu nokkarundu.. aarengilum enthengilum visheshams post cheytho ennu ariyan... ellarum sukhamayi irikkunnu ennu vishavasikkunnu... its a sleepy sunday afternoon and i am sitting in office just for the sake of being present... pani onnum illa. ennalum official working day aayathu kondu vanne pattu.. ravile motham paattu kettu kidannu urangi.. lunch company sponsor cheyyum.. nalla oru kerala meals kazhichu veendum urangan plan cheyyuvayirunnu.. pakshe urakkam varunilla.. appozhanu naru tag cheythirunna karyam orma vannathu.. kure kaalam aayittu athinu reply cheyyanam ennu vechathanu.. pakshe weekdaysil valiya paadanu.. pani ullathu kondalla.. ithuvazhi pokunna ella lavanmarkkum ente screen kaaanan pattum... :-)

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before?
Went onsite :-) It was a total surprise... didnt even think of getting a chance so soon coz the waiting list here is too big...

2. Did you keep up your 2008 resolutions, and will you make more for 2009?
Did keep up a resolution... that was to stop hot drinks.. but fufu resolution was a failure...
I have already taken a resolution to stop fufu this year.. since that was a bit hard, i have changed it to "reduce" and thats going on fine till now..

3. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
More peace of mind and more time to relax..

4. Did anyone close to you give birth?
Some of college mates... and also one of my collegue who is very dear to me..

5. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why:
My sister's wedding, the day i travelled to onsite and also the date i came back..

6. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Became closer to some new friends...

7. What was your biggest failure?
Couldnt keep in touch with many of my old pals...

8. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Yup.. got a horrible food poisoning when i was in dubai.. it took away much of my hard-earned fat :-(

9. What was the best thing you bought?
My new laptop

10. Where did most of your money go?
Still trying to figure out.. i better start investing... allengil njan ellam puttadichu theerkum.

11.What song will always remind you of 2008?
Rock On - Tum ho tho...

12.What do you wish you’d done more of?
Exercise... kudavayar okke chaadi oru kochu maveli aayi...

13. What do you wish you’d done less of?

14. How would you sum up your 2008 in one word?

15. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
The hit list is the same.. no names added, none removed :-)

16. What was the best book you read?
I dont read books... tried reading one.. 'My three mistakes' by Chetan Bhagat.. pakshe kurachu pages kazhinjappo athinte print prashnam aayi... so couldnt continue :-(

17. What was your favorite TV program?
TV adikam kaanan pattiyilla.. Used to watch idea star singer junior for a while..

18. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Nothing much.. but started listening to English songs other than westlife.. Rockus need ur advice :-)

19. What was your favorite film of this year?
Didnt watch any malayalam movies...
English - Death Race bcoz the story was something different
Hindi - Golmaal returns... as usual, no logic.. but a fulltime entertainer...

20. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you
Celebrated with a cake cutting... I turned 24

21. What kept you sane?
Music :-)

22. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
Deepika Padukone - She was looking gorgeous in Bachna Ae Haseeno

23. Whom did you miss?
I miss my family...

24. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008:
Work hard only if u want to learn.. otherwise just pretend :-)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kolkata Life


I hope all of my friends are doing fine in their professional and personal life. I was going through our old posts and I really felt good (and bad) after going through it. So as it is been a long time I wrote something, I though I should do one now.

My life in Kolkata is going fine. I have many things to share and I am starting to write them here. It is durga puja festival time and I got enough time to read my favorite books and be lazy and sleep well also :)

So from where shall I start writing. ??? (and forgive for this not being in a structured way)

First of all about the new friends in Kolkata. It is really difficult to get good friends after you complete your academics. I find it really difficult to find new friends after passing out from college. It is not because I became more workaholic(which is not true) or lack of interest, it just didn't happen. The chemistry of two different personalities will match only if enough time is given to know each other. And even if they both give enough time, they are bluffing each other to rule the show. So I find it really difficult to know any person outside my company. This doesn't mean I am very desperate in my life. I like it that way and I enjoy my time in reading books and visiting new places.

I was not that fond of books when I was in college. I used to listen to Naru and Diwakar who read many books and I also dream of reading that much books. What really made me to read books is that I am having a number of questions in life. It includes spiritual, religious, politics, self improvement, and this lead me to books. Each book gave me a number of answers but it opened a fresh number of questions also. So now I enjoy reading a lot. A good thing that happened after reaching Kolkata :)

I found that the culture in Kolkata is rocking. The night life is superb and the babes are hot. It is also very true that Kolkata is the "City of Joy". Every person who visits Kolkata will find that the people here are very happy even if their living conditions are poor. But there are things that need to be changed. The industrial, political and economic views should change. It is also very painful to see that things are changing at a slow pace here. I tried comparing our own Kerala and there is good and bad at both sides. I feel very happy to experience the different cultures.

The place I stay is a planned city/municipality called as "Salt lake city". Salt lake city is about 15 Kms far from the south Calcutta(err, park street: the place I hang around) and this is located at the North Calcutta. People who are living in Kolkata are having a different culture compared to the Salt lake culture. The people who are settled in salt lake is more NRI's and other affluent classess who are living more of a life of their own. I can see some community centers around but with my conversations with people in Kolkata, they say that salt lake culture doesn't represent the life of Kolkata. It can be correct. The people in Salt lake are living a life of their own and I think the families don't even know their neighbors( a possibility). Anyway, I am staying here and I am enjoying my stay :)

Recently I visited a beach resort in West Bengal. The name of the place is Mandermoni(see the picture above) which is 180+Kms from the place I stay. It was a fun trip with my flat mate (who is also my colleague). I drove the whole journey in my car. I should say that the beach was superb as it was very long. We could drive the cars through the beach and it was total fun. But what I missed was the great waves that can be seen in shankhumugam. The sea waves here were so silent and I didn't see any great waves that could burn your spirits to jump up. But I recommend this place for anyone who likes to spent some time with their loved ones because it is you and the beach alone left with the sound of a silent beach.

Thats all for now. Wishing you all the best.

PS: I will be visiting home during Xmas. Catch you all at that time.

Take care,

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hiii everyone.. njan kure kaalam aayi blogil enthengilum ezhuthiyittu... chennaiyil aayirunnappo post cheyyan valiya paadayirunnu... palappozhum site povathilla.. ippo angathe prashnam onnum illa.. pakshe post cheyyan time kittarilla... ivide vannathinu shesham jeevitham aake mari poyi.
office-home allathe vere pariapadi onnum illa. weekend adikam karakkam onnum illa.. odukkathe choodanu.. uchaykku around 45 aayirikkum.. ippo climate kurachu better aakunnundu.. it is slowly coming down.. october okke aakumbol winter aakum.. pinne karakkam okke thudangam ennanu ippozhathe plan.. pakshe athinu mumbu puthiya project thudangum..
ennal ente kattayum boardum madangum.. pinne karakkam poyittu urakkam polum nadakilla.. enthayalum kandariyam...
ivide vannathinu shesham nammude nattile jeevitham othiri miss cheyyunnu... even when i was in chennai, karangan pokan nammude makki polathe places onnum illayirunnengilum atleast there were many people whom i knew.. so there was always a big pool of people i knew and interact with.. ivide vannathinu shesham athonnum illa. oru mazha kandittu ethra kaalam aayi..
adikam karakkam onnum illathathu kondu adikam foto onnum eduthilla... vellathum eduthu kazhiyumbo njan multiply-il upload cheyyam.. miss u all and the good times that we had together...

with luv

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Countdown Tag

No one seems to be posting anything these days! Divya posted about her wedding visheshams. Good. Since I cannot post anything like that, lets do a tag!

10 Things I've realized/ 10 realizations
  1. I
    am susceptible to negative emotions ala jealousy, possessiveness etc
    etc. Big surprise for a someone who is nearly altruistic most of the
  2. I process a huge amount of information everyday. 75%
    non-work and 25% work. Blame Google Reader for this! Lots and lots of
    posts everyday. If I happen to read a book, the volume goes up by a lot.
  3. I have quite a strong gut and is able to see gross stuff more than an ordinary guy.
  4. I don't sound that good on phone. :-<
  5. I am a Challenger
    (The link is a small pdf of 84 KB, definition of Challenger is there in
    page 130). Came to know about this after a team building programme I
    attended last week.
  6. I am very lazy when it comes to things affecting me. :-D
  7. I tend to think a lot and deduce crazy stuff!
  8. I cannot sit idle.
  9. Life is something not to be taken that seriously.
  10. I like cold beer!
9 things I'm glad about.
  1. My family. You cannot decide who you want to be as your parents and I am glad I got mine.
  2. Friends I have. Few in number maybe, not so few in care.
  3. The decisions I have taken in my life so far.
  4. Enjoying my life to the max.
  5. My ability with words.
  6. My workplace. Surprised, much? :-)
  7. Being
    an Indian. Living in a multicultural society with exposure to such
    diversity. It would be really bland to live in a place where
    singularity prevails.
  8. Having banana chips while writing this!
  9. That
    reminds me...Glad about having a roof over my head, clothes on my body,
    food inside my stomach, and the warmth of being loved. The most
    important point.

8 Things I badly wanna (do)
  1. Write more.
  2. Read more.
  3. Watch more movies.
  4. Listen to more music.
  5. Take a couple of days off to read and write, then another couple to do some urgent stuff I should be doing.
  6. To travel a lot. Kailash Yatra is a big dream for me. Even otherwise, I would like to travel to a lot of exotic places.
  7. Shed some weight.
  8. Complete some stuff I seriously ought to be doing.

7 Things I often tell myself.
  1. Be Good and Do Good. E.T style. :-)
  2. Read More
  3. Write More
  4. Stop thinking too much!
  5. Wake up early.
  6. Start exercising.
  7. Not everybody appreciates your swearing. :-D
6 people I wanna thank. No mutual thanking.
  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Grandma
  4. Friend 1
  5. Friend 2
  6. Friend 3
5 things I believe in.
  1. Me
  2. My intuition
  3. Miracles and Magic (depends on your perspective about the definition of miracle or magic!)
  4. Love
  5. Spirituality. (I am not your run of the mill swami worshiper! I believe in the spiritual side of human beings.)
4 people I tag

People on this blog! (More than 4 I hope!)

3 Confessions
  1. I can be a dumb ass at times.
  2. I can make up really believable lies and excuses.
  3. I hate the objectivist philosophy developed by Ayn Rand. Too individualistic for my taste.

2 Promises
  1. Will not make a promise that I am sure I cannot keep.
  2. Always keep Promise 1.
1 That's exclusively yours. can write anything.

Introspective exercise for dummies!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Posting the Tag!!

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.
I dont have any scars! But this makes me remember the uncle cum villain lion in the movie 'Lion King' who was called the SCAR!!

2.What does your phone look like?
Literally => My phone looks like a phone! Not the landphone type; the one tht pple use to carry around -the 'mobile' phone type..:D
Actually => Its a SonyEricsson[W700i] without any covers; but a tag hanging unceremoniously to it, which once had a silver-embroidered shining white "P" attached to it.. Its still working perfectly after its GReat fall frm my hostel room in the 3rd floor to the neighbour's-ground! Every single part was separated & i had to use all my mechanical skills to unite it once again!! Hail Paru!!

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?
On my bedroom walls, sometimes u can see a lizard or two - the white ones & rarely the grey ones[yuck]!!!& if u r really lucky, then u may also spot the spiders hanging on to their marvellous web-houses!!

4.What is your current desktop picture?
My current desktop picture shows a lovely lady holding a cutie baby-girl!! Oh!I forgot!!Thts me!! holding my youngest cousin-gowri!!

5.Do you believe in gay marriage?
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Absolutely NO!!
reason1: First of all the concept of 'marriage' arose as to give the society a definite structure - a reason to live a worthy life in harmony & also to continue the human saga with some sense of clarity [like able to know the family-tree..this is my father;this was my father's father etc etc..]
reason2: So frm the above reason, two pple(guys) living together CANNOT, in any sense, be called a 'marriage' in the first(&last) place!!
Summary=> Anyone can live or die together out of their own choice; but giving names to those relationships really matter & it depends on the society, heritage & culture tht had been functioning for a civilized world frm time immemorial!
p.s. Hope that my point is (finally!) clear[:O]

6.What do you want more than anything right now?
To come back to TVM & stay with my family.. I really want tht!!toooooooooo badly..[boooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo:(:(:(] But for that to happen RASET has to be shifted frm Kakkanad to somewhere in TVM[preferably near Eanchakkal! if given the option] as i have also developed a bond with tht college..
=> Bitter, Spit, Cant : Sweet, Swallow, Cant => Rearrange & descramble the words to get a meaningful situation similar to the one i am facing right now!!

7.What time were you born?
I was born at the time when all the birds & animals & even the SUN would go back to their nests/burrows/caves/seas etc etc to take rest & be with their loved-ones; to share the day's stories & journeys they have been thru..
I was born when the Sun was at its best disposure-full of reddish-orange but soothing the eyes when it slowly sets into the dark blue-depths of the sea.. The sky above slowly unravelling its stars & the pearly-white moon from the shades..Aha! wht a exquisite sight it'd have been!!
Finally the Birth-Time: 6.04 PM

8.Are your parents still together?
Literally => No..My father has gone to EKM for a week's official trip & my mother's here in TVM.
Actually => Yes..My parents has been together for 25 years & definitely more years to follow..

9.Last person who made you cry?
Achu(my dearest one) for not eating his dosas & throwing tantrums at me & muthassi because he's hungry!! The cry was the last & the final resource for me to make him eat his dosas!! & it clicked!! (B o y s!!!!!)

10.What are your favorite perfume / cologne?
The smell of Johnson&Johnsons on babies..
[I dont use any cologne or perfume-so cant name any brand as for the question]

11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Definitely not white this time!!!! Maybe dark brown..

12.What are you listening to?
I am now listening to the sound of the fan up above me cutting the soft air around it at full speeds!

13.Do you get scared of the dark?
Hmmm..Yes!I cant withstand complete darkness!!

14.Do you like painkillers?
No! I like neither any pains, nor killers nor any painkillers!!

15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?
Literally => No! Just asking someone a "Will you please come out with me"- why should anyone be shy?????!!
Actually => Maybe.. He should be asking that, right?? Yes!Thts the way it shd be(atleast for me!)

16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
That 'anything' could be anything from watermelons to sweet-corn soups to chocolate-brownies to milk-halwas to my home-made chocolates to !!

17.Who was the last person that made you mad?
Bonny aka Chandrasekhar ka pitha!!!!!! in hands with our Rajappan aka the Project manager-Sudhir!!!!
For those who havent had a clue yet to whts tht all abt, wait for the mail "Pranks with Paru-Part1" which will be sooner delivered to u by anyone of us who has already got it!! [But dnt expect me to fwd tht!!!!!!!NEverrrr]Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

18.Who was the last person who made you smile?
If tht 'smile' meant the actual subtle smile(without any of ur teeth shown), thn it was achu(again!!) this morning whn he woke up with tht big devlish grin!
Else if tht 'smile' meant uncontrollable laughter, thn it was again tht mail frm Bonny&Rajappan which when shown to my mother & aunt(kochitta) we all shared unanimously!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Bye Trivandrum

Dear All,

I am leaving trivandrum. I have been in this capital city of kerala for 6 years and now it is time for me to say good bye to all. I will be missing shanghumukham beach, kovalam, B6 bar, Our college and a lot many friends. It has been my destiny to start my next phase of career in the oldest city of India and the first capital city of India. Actually speaking, I am really excited to go to Calcutta with lot many dreams, new challenges and culture. I dont know how it will turn me in. I hope Calcutta will teach me new lessons of living a worthy life.

I am selected to work as Security Research Engineer in a company started by IIT Kharagpur alumnites. I am really excited in learning stuffs and facing new challenges. Bless me to fulfill my dreams.

Thanks to all who have been very supportive through out my life. I would like to thank my friends of CS06. You all taught some good lessons and I am really thankful to it. I wish everyone to follow their hearts and to do things that really satisfies you. At the end of the day if you are not happy, then you are trying to fill your mind and heart with lots of "NULL". I hope you all will live a worthy life.

My support, love and heart is always with you. Thanks again for everything. I will miss you all really badly.

Take care

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Days.... :-)

Hello all,

After a small gap, me bck in Tvpm... Will be gng bck 2 my native place 2day nite, and frm ter, back 2 the usual work.... Infosys..... So, thought of doing some blogging frm here... Well, first of all, updates on my trip here.... Me reached here on Sat morning, and felt the Heat frm tht day itself... Cmng frm mysore, wer u need a ajcket for almost all time of year, Tvm suddenly frlt realy hot... Unlike other Holidays, this time, most of the time was spent on watching movies.... But to be frank, not one movie was Bad... All were really good ones, Especially "Happy Days" and "Taare Zameen Par"..... :-) On Sat., we (Me,Haf,Naru and nibin) went 2 c Nisha and her baby girl.... Nisha was lying in her bed , and was looking very tired.... And her child was sleeping... So, we talked with her father and Bro for some time, and in the end...talked with "Unda"...

On sunday, We (Read the same set of ppl) went 4 a nice movie.... "Happy Days".... It is a telugu movie dubbed in Malayalam.... I have heard the reviews of this movie when I was in Mysore, and decided to give it a chance... And it turned out to be a really nice movie... Story is about a bunch of friends joining an Engg. College till they passout,including the campus placements... U can expect how the story wld b,rite?? ;-) It is shot in a nice way,and thats wht I liked abt. this one... Then, we all went 2 the Alumni get together.... Saw many other ppl over ter, unlike the one which we had in our college... Princi was happy 2 C us.... But, you can clearly see that Age is catching up on her... She confessed to us that it is getting tough to control the students.... One good thing is that the date of our regular reunion has been changed from August 15th to a sutiable date near to Christmas.... :-) The date is not a fixed one, instead it would vary, but would either be on a Sunday just after christmas, or before that....

Another highlight of Y'Days Get2gether..... Kiru said sorry to Chandru(In particular) and to all other KIDS in front of everyone.... :-) Was never expecting that one from him.... But felt really good wen he said tht... :) Then, we had a dinner, and off we went for our next movie.... "Taare Zameen Par".... This time, it was me,haf and naru..... Tht too turned out an excellent movie..... The Kid's acting is excellent.... Really fantastic..... A must watch, I must say...

Today, entire day, I was in city, paying premium of my LIC policy and doing a bit of shopping for my relatives in my native place....

Thts it frm me now.... Haf bought a new Digicam, and has taken some fotos.... Hopefully, he'll send it accross to us.... Couldn't take any of nisha's kid's fotos as she said tht usually, fotos are taken after 28 days... :-( So, I'm expecting the Tvm fellas to send it accross to us marunadan ppl... :-)

C Ya alllllllll...................
Missing a lot..........(Especially Anand's car ad Haf's Activa.... as we didn't travel much.... Even didn't had any "Pazhampori" too, this time... :-( :-( )


Friday, December 14, 2007


Another year... Another set of plans which was designed, planned but never went to delivery or even implementation stage. :( Ofcourse this is not anything new... Every year,or rather every Sem., I wld tell u hafeez " Sem muthal kattaykku padikkanam... Assignments cheyyanam... Ingane avasanathe 2 weeks irunnu chattu kidannu padikkan enikku vayya... :-) ".... Result enthayi ennu njan parayathe thanne aariyamallo... :-) This year too was same... :-) But of course, I had nothing 2 study( apart from the long list of External certifications which I promised my PM tht I wld do, in my Future Tasks in my appraisal :) ). Actually, I was planning to visit many places, which included J&K also... :-) { Aagrahangalkku maranamilla ennanallo...} Munnar, pune, Hyd, Chennai are all some of the places.... Jst managed to visit Pune... :( But it is alrite... I'll visit all these places... Ennengilum njan visit cheyyum... :)

Another plan was to visit Gym regularly... And also, 2 learn Tennis and Squash.... Onnum thanne nadanilla ennu njan pratekichu parayanda karyam illallo.... Gymil idaykku poyirunnu.... Onnu "Warm Up" aavumbolekkum njan niruthiyittu irangum.... Tennis courtil edaykku "chila" aalkar kalikkumbol kurachu neeram nokkum ennalathe avideyum no progress... Squash oru tragedy aanu.... No comments... :) Pinne aakekoodi ulla oru aashvasam, ente koode ee karyangal okke cheyyan ready aayittu veere 3 aalkar koodi undayirunnu... Avar aarum ee karyangal cheyyan thudangiyitilla ennathanu.... :-)

Pinne ivide puthiya project thudangi.... Team nalla team aanu.... Nammude juniors okke ivide ethi.... Work is slowly getting adjusted to... Every week, gng 2 c the two movies...sleeping... and work.... Tht pretty much sums up my every week.....

C Ya all wen I come bck 2 Tvpm.....


Friday, December 07, 2007


Friends! Do you realize we haven't posted anything in our blog for the past 2 months??? I just did and I decided to end the monotony! Its been a very long time since I posted anything here, so here goes!

Nothing much is happening and over 1.5 years out of college, I really really miss our college days. Every day we had something new to look forward to! From how to write that damn assignment in 2 hours to what we shall kathify during the red hat class. We were carefree and happy. Now its just about how to get that work done and nothing else. The main thing I looked forward was our monthly/bimonthly trip to Pallava, Shankumukham and back home. And now that Anand is gone for 3 months (even more if his course lasts 6 months!) that is also in jeopardy.

Enough rambling about nothing! How about you guys? Who all are coming home this Christmas? Who all will be there for our alumni get together? Me being there for the alumni night is a little iffy right now, though.

Anyways, I miss all of you and love you all! :-)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tagged By Naru

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

A scar on my right forehead...Even my mom hadnt noticed it till 5-6 years back...But now that I have started becoming bald, its clearly visible ... :-(

2.What does your phone look like?

Its slim, simple and efficient :-)...Motorola C168...

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Until today morning there was a poem "Dont start your day with doubts and fears"...But today the owner of that is moving to Tvm...So she mght ve taken that with her...

4.What is your current desktop picture?

One of the gardens at ramoji film city...Went there this tuesday :-)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

If two people wish it to be like that way then let them...But legalizing it thru marraige is not a gud idea...That will encourage more ppl to become gays :-)

6.What do you want more than anything right now?

Right now, I want to finish off todays work and go home and enjoy the weekend

7. What time were you born?

Dunno extly..9:30pm I guess...

8.Are your parents still together?

Sure :-)

9.Last person who made you cry?

My roommates...Two of my roomies got transfer to tvm...And so today morning had to c off them...They didnt make me cry, but i cried...

10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?

I dont use deo much..But I like Cuticura Lavender...

11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Black OfCourz..

12.What are you listening to?

Tak,Tak sound of keys and some mouse clicks...The person sitting near me seems to b busy ...
13.Do you get scared of the dark?

A Bit...But I close my eyes when it is dark...So No probs

14.Do you like painkillers?

Not at all...But it sometimes prevent ppl from gng mad with pain...

15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Not Shy...But I dont like to!!!

16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Whatever I can get from my home :-(...Kappa,Sadya,...Long list :-(

17.Who was the last person that made you mad?

Cant remember the last person..But last day an auto driver really made me mad by rash driving...I thgt my life is going to end that day...

18.Who was the last person who made you smile?

The guy who is sitting near me...Hes a senior(almost 5 year experienced),back from onsite this week...He s a bit mad...Sits and talks alone...And his luks...Never seen a guy in IT industry like this...Kappada meesha(Like veerappan) and long hair(which he ties as a pony)...Hes really funny... :-)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Tagged by Naru

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

A scar on my right leg. When i was small, i used to piss near gate. One day, my cousin opened the door suddenly. One rusty part of the gate tore my leg.

2.What does your phone look like?

Its slim, nice, stylisy MOTO RAZR V3i.

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?

One wall clock n switch boards.

4.What is your current desktop picture?

A superb looking wall paper saying "Doing nothing is very hard to do. B'coz u never know when it is finished".

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

No! Actually encouraging things against nature is a very bad thing. When some people does that, others will follow to catch media or fame. Thus going against nature.

6.What do you want more than anything right now?

Ek Onsite to Argentina or Peru to see some nice gals.

7. What time were you born?

6:35pm 23rd April 1985

8.Are your parents still together?

Now they are together till tomorrow. After that i've to go back to bangalore. Ofcourse i want them to be with me everytime

9.Last person who made you cry?

Srry!! Aaa nimishangale jurichorthu senti aavan vayya!!! Innu randu beer koduthal adichekkam!!

10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?

11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

Brownish black (Chembicha mudi alla)

12.What are you listening to?

Minnalazhake.... Minnum Azhake.....

13.Do you get scared of the dark?

Aeyy..... No not any more..... Until some wolves start making sound!

14.Do you like painkillers?


15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?

NO!!! Ithokke aru rasam alle...

16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

French Rice wid chikken breast fry!

17.Who was the last person that made you mad?

One guy by name David from onsite. I told him to back up a file and replace it with new file. He backed up th file and replaced the file with backed up file.

18.Who was the last person who made you smile?

HEyyyyy!! man i'll be smiling always. Not able to pin point one

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Got confirmed !!!

Angane oru varshathinu shesham njan companyil confirmed aayi.. appo adutha maasam salary koodi kittum.. Confirmation letter ithuvare kittiyittilla.. salary hike motham treat nadathi pokum ennanu thonunnathu.. ivide officil ippozhe ellarum treat chodichu thudangi.. njan naadu vittittu oru varshamayi ennu vishavasikkan polum pattunilla.. But its true.. Oru varsham kadannu poyathu valare pettannayirunnu.. Njan kazhinja oru varsham aayittu joli cheyyuvanu ennu vishavasikkan pattunilla..
Ee kazhinja oru varsham sambhava bhahulam aayirunnu.. othiri sambhavangal ente jeevithathil nadannu.. pudiya sthalathu thamasam.. and that too first time away from my home.. ippo njan oru pakka tamilian aayi.. officil fulltime tamil aanu samsarikunnathu.. malayalam valare kurachu mathrame samsarikkarullu..
Kuruchu pudiya friendsine kitti.. kure nalla aalkkare parichayapettu.. Ithuvare njan kandittillatha kure type aalkkare kandu... :-P Puthiya puthiya experiences.. training ellam innale kazhinjathu pole thonunnu..
Ippo njan oru pakka software professional aayi.. office jeevitham thanne.. karakkam ellam valare kuravanu.. eppozhum office thanne. even on weekends.. veettil irunnittum valiya paniyonnum illa.. athukondu officil varum..
I really miss my college days.. those days when we used to rush to college in bikes. then sitting in the back bench listening to music when the class is going on.. taking videos of lectures.. pulling legs.. fighting for snacks in canteen.. The Unix lab.. The Red Hat classes.. the fufu and sharbat on the way back... the gym.. balu's thattu kada after gym.. the group fufus.. nightout at sree's place.. the combined study + gugu party at his house.. the real combined studies at manee's house.. food from her house.. home-made chocs from paru.. visiting everyones house when we dont have anything else to do.. weekend karakkams to beach.. gugu at kovalam beach.. going to makki and kallar.. Wow.. Those were the best days of my life..

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nisha divakaran's Marriage invitation

Hello all i am posting this as per Nisha's request

When two people who love each other so much have to tie the knot of love,
the presence of all those who are Important to us is also essential.
Please do come for our wedding and the reception there after to be a
part of our happiness.
Lots of love


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tagged by Naru

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it.

One is the scar on the upper part of my right hand.. This is my birth mark and was with me from the time I was born .. Then a couple of scars in the right hand and right leg, as a result of the bike accident during the college days.. Naru hope u remember

2.What does your phone look like?

A very stylish and handy set from Nokia , most impressive part is its water resistive capacity , I really like this set as many memories lies bonded with this model and this is a very user friendly set. NOKIA 3310
.Sree got to thank u for this

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, just the plain wall painted in a light attractive color

4.What is your current desktop picture?

A pic that contains my name written in a very artistic way in a black background

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

Y should we create such a big issue out of this, if 2 people want to spend their rest of life in each others company, let them do it

6.What do you want more than anything right now?

To be honest a promotion with some more Zeros adding to the RHS of my payslip.. Love to go Goa with old friends and have blast

7. What time were you born?

I don't know the precise time.

8.Are your parents still together?

Yes. Happily as ever

9.Last person who made you cry?

Hmmm.. That one emotion seems to be missing in me, think the last time a tear came out was the result of a look back at a nasty fight with my parents. So if u got to name the guilty person its me me and me only

10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?
Its a brand named Cobra.. I like the smell of it.. And its effect lasts a very long time

11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?

I will go for black color in both the cases

12.What are you listening to?

Maar Udari.. A folk song from the Hindi film Pinjar.. Lovely one

13.Do you get scared of the dark?

i was scared of the dark like nothing in my childhood days.. but those days are long gone now.. now it only in the late hours of the night that i reach home [ from office ]

14.Do you like painkillers?

No I don't .. I know the side effects they leave behind, especially after seeing what harm they did to my fathers health

15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Ya , but i like to make me heard most of the time

16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

Love to have a pizza.. It has been some time since I had one

17.Who was the last person that made you mad?

Gopumon after he was hit for the second six by a tail ender in the 18th over of the India - Pak T-20 final

18.Who was the last person who made you smile?

My father, his efforts to control his words against gopumon really made me smile a lot

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tagged by Naru !!!!

Had promised naru a long way back that i will be taking up his tag.. But never really got the time to do it.. Innu sunday aayathu kondu valiya paniyonnum illa.. athukondu tag cheyyam ennu vicharichu... :-)

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?
There are many small scars in my body which are the results of my constant fight with my sis when i was young.. There is one scar in my right thigh which i got when i was in my 4th std.

We were playing "kallan and police".. njan odunnathinte idaykku enthonnillo thatti parannu poyi.. engane aanu sambhavichathu ennu enikku nalla ormayilla.. pakshe njan sharikkum parannu thanne aanu poyathu.. oru 4-5 metre tharayil koodi skate cheythu poyi... athinte paadu ippozhum undu.. the amazing part is that its in the inner side of my right thigh. avide engane scratch vannu ennu ippozhum ariyilla..

2.What does your phone look like?
My fone is thin and stylish.. its a motorola C-168. I really love it bcoz its compact and easy to handle. kurachu rough handling kaaranam kure scratch okke vannittundu.. Features aayittu parayan onnum thanne illa. except that it has FM. Ennalum kaakkakku than kunju ponkunju :-)

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?
Njan ippo thaamasikunna veettil onnum thanne illa.. kure kodukine adichu konnathinte paadu undu. :-D back at home ente bedroom full padams aanu.. no film stars.. only vandees..

4.What is your current desktop picture?
Something set from our office. A logo mentioning some initiative that is going on here.. kandu kandu bore adichu aa padam..

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?
Randu perkku kalyanam kazhikkan thonniyal avar kazhikkatte.. athinu chumma tv programme vazhi publicity okke koduthu chumma oru discussion topic aakkumbol aanu over aakunnathu...

6.What do you want more than anything right now?
Evideyengilum karangan pokan thonunnu.. not the local vaynottam in city.. but to some place like ooty or kodaikanal.. some hilly resort area where there will be lots of frnds around.. our college gang.. chumma thanuthu virachu irikkan thonunnu..

7. What time were you born?
I was born at 8:10 am in the morning..

8.Are your parents still together?
Yes. :-)

9.Last person who made you cry?
Someone who WAS a great friend of mine in the initial days..

10. What is your favourite perfume / cologne?
Currently i am using Park Avenue.. I liked the smell... pinne rathri vare athinte smell undakum.. Axe okke adichal kurachu kazhiyumbozhekkum smell pokum.. athukondu njan athu nirthi..

11.What kinds of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
I like black hair.. eye color may be black or dark brown.. pakshe poocha kannu enikku ishtam alla.. pedi aakkum :-D Pinne naru paranjathu pole colored hair kandal enikkum pichakkare orma varum.. tv-yil modelsineyokke kaanan nalla rasam aanu.. pakshe nerittu kaanan nalla bore aanu..

PS: Ithu ente personal opinion aanu.. aarkkengilum hair coloring nadathan plan undengil please go ahead...

12.What are you listening to?
Kaante: Socha nahin thaa.... No no i am not at all worried abt my state now..

13.Do you get scared of the dark?
Enikku pandu bhayangara pedi aayirunnu.. Jurrasic park kandu vanna rathri, i was afraid to look to my window.. even a shadow of "vazha" in the nearby plot made me shiver.. pakshe ippo prashnam onnum illa.. ippo rathri light okke off cheythu chumma irunnu think cheyyan enikku bhayangara ishtam aanu..

14.Do you like painkillers?
Njan usually painkillers kazhikkarilla.. unless it is prescribed by a doctor for some reason.. athu sthiram kazhichal nerve sensitivity pathukke pokum ennu njan kettittundu... ithu njan pandu balarama-yil ninnum vayichathalla :-) chechi paranjatha...

15.Are you too shy to ask someone out?
May be a little tensed. ithuvare oru chance kittiyittilla...

16.If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
I am missing a good sadya.. non-veg okke venamengil ivide ethengilum malla restaurantil poyi kazhikkam.. pakshe nalla sadya evideyum kittanilla..

17.Who was the last person that made you mad?
Dont remember exactly.. ippo kurachu naal aayittu nalla pani aanu.. athukondu eppozhum kurachu vattayittanu njan nadakunnathu..

18.Who was the last person who made you smile?
Monkey manee.. Innale aval aayittu google talkil chat cheythayirunnu...

Friday, September 14, 2007

fun days are back....

Hi frinds,

How r u ??? hope everyone is doing fine..and having a great time

I reached from Chennai on 1st and on 3rd I started to ekm for joining rajagiri.. joined here on 4th. Me and Parvathy in the same hostel and that is very near to our college. We didn’t opt for the coll hostel for the fear of being appointed as resident tutors in case….

Coll has a gud campus and students who are really brilliant.. pakshe very friendly and at times very irritating in class with their for the s6 placement is going on by Accenture…… many new facilities are here.. student management sys and online meetings with the parents and teachers are there for those parents outside kerala….becoz of that lectures need to update the attendance of their class hours online at the end of tht day so that it is available for parents to view……

In this hostel we have many staffs who work in rajagiri and hence having a gud time… many of them are 2006 pass outs and in addition we have Neethu ma’m and Gisha ma’m with us in the coll

Paru vinte koode nalla rasama evide.. full time engaged… even though we are in separate rooms….

Avaluide kathakali coll ullathinekal kooditte ullu… pakhe ee parvathy miss studentsinte frontil bhayangara serious aanu.. ennalum abhatham kuravonnum alla.. ha ha ha. Evide avale ariyathavarayi aarum illa…

Ragging as such is prohibited but here and there some instances are there.. esp in bus..

Here a separate class of students are there who have joined here as part of the international curriculum.. these students evn thgh less in number is handled by our dear madam – Parvathy miss(ha ha tht is the way she likes herself to be called)…remember the fact that these students have joined here giving more than 20 lacs as their fees.. the course as such is provided by the Australian university for the Indian students.. and the time they have to do the self study they join here and when the time is over they fly bak to the university for their projects… the xams for thm are conducted by the coll itself….

We have the timing from morn 8.30 to eve 4.30 and alternate sat are working days..
On Sundays sometime we go for movies or sometimes we go to our relatives houses over here… many of them in the hostel work for the info park and many are from holy angels… met many of our old frinds here… but the only worse part is the sari….. to wear that for 8 hrs and here it is always raining…… here they are forcing all the lectures to write gate exam and hence we started the preparation for that…. Chumma time pass

What else … hope to see u all soon.. keep In touch